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Compression and Bulk Insulation

Compression of bulk insulation

Many people are unaware of the problem of compression, which can severely reduce the effectiveness of bulk insulation in roofs, ceilings and walls. Fortunately, compression is avoidable, but only if you choose your insulation product carefully and your installer does the job properly. What is bulk insulation? Bulk insulation products are the various kinds of batts, blankets, loose fill insulation ... Read More »

Do I have to insulate?

Roof and Wall Insulation - Insulbreak

A Look at Australian Insulation Requirements and How they Affect You Installing insulation is arguably the most effective step you can take to improve the thermal comfort of your home or commercial building. What’s more, properly installed insulation is proven to cut energy consumption by reducing dependence on air-conditioners and heaters. But do you have to insulate? This article discusses ... Read More »

Insulation and Condensation: 5 Tips for Avoiding a Condensation Nightmare

Mould On Wall

Is your insulation a condensation risk – potentially causing more trouble than it’s worth? Before you install cavity or roof insulation in your property, here’s a simple guide to building condensation, the risks and how you can avoid them. Can Insulation Really Cause Condensation? Imagine a glass of cold water on a hot day, typically coated with beads of condensation. ... Read More »

Continuous Insulation Reduces Heat Energy Losses

Perth Arena thermal image

When considering the performance of insulation in buildings, it is easy to forget the effects of ‘thermal bridging’, which refers to heat energy lost through un-insulated surfaces such as door and window frames, as well as timber stud frames in walls. This is where continuous insulation principles come in. In framed wall constructions insulated with conventional glasswool batts, which do ... Read More »

Building Strives for Industrial Revolution

aerial picture of office

Kingspan Insulation’s new warehouse and corporate headquarters in Malaga, Perth, Western Australia, showcases the latest building materials and design philosophies to optimise industrial workplace efficiency and comfort. The facility was officially opened today by Irish Ambassador, His Excellency Mr Noel White. Tone Wheeler, Principal Architect at Environa Studio and newly elected President of the Australian Architecture Association, says he worked ... Read More »