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Insulation, should you do just enough or go above and beyond?

Insulation, should you do just enough or go above and beyond?

Invest in your home with extra insulation

Insulation is a cost effective way of improving energy efficiency, so it’s compulsory in most new buildings. If you’re building a new home, you need to comply with the minimum required insulation – but should you go above and beyond that minimum?

As part of Australia’s National Strategy on Energy Efficiency (NSEE), each state government has committed to improving energy efficiency across the country. As a result, the Building Code of Australia (BCA) has been updated and now stipulates that all new buildings require a minimum energy efficiency star-rating of 6 Stars.

The star system is based on the theory of zero stars being the worst case and 10 stars being a perfectly energy efficient home that needs no extra heating or cooling. Before the code was changed, the mandatory level was 5 stars.

The 6 star energy efficiency rating applies to your home’s building envelope or shell – in other words, your roof, walls, floors and windows. The BCA requires this rating on all new buildings and in some states even renovations and additions need to comply.

When you’re working out how much insulation you’ll need, it can help to consider how you will use the rooms in your house and if you have any plans for additions or renovations in the future. Generally, your insulation is best installed when the building is being constructed, so any extra insulation that you wish to add into the roof, walls or floor would be best added at this point.

Going above and beyond the mandatory requirements when it comes to insulation is an investment in your home that can help improve your energy efficiency, star-rating, and resell value too when the mandatory star-rating disclosure comes into play. It can help you save on heating and cooling costs, improve the overall comfort level of your home and have the peace of mind of knowing that you’re doing something to reduce your energy use.

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