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What impacts the R-value performance of insulation?

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Every insulation product you buy in Australia has an R-value, which tells you how resistant it is to heat transfer, and therefore, how effective it will be. A higher R-value means better insulation for your home, but even if you install insulation with the highest rating, it’s important to remember that its performance can be affected over time by several ... Read More »

Heating and cooling appliances, does insulation help?

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You could spend thousands of dollars on expensive heating and cooling appliances to maintain a comfortable home, but there’ll always be one factor that will determine their efficiency and your comfort level – insulation. When it comes to energy use, cooling and heating can account for a large portion of your household energy expenditure. And even if your appliances have ... Read More »

The basics of energy-efficient home design

Energy Efficient Homes

Most of us already know how to reduce our energy consumption on a daily basis, but what are some ways to make your home more energy-efficient even before installing LED lights? Whether you’re building, renting or renovating, there are several things you can do to create an energy-friendly home. Orientation The positioning of your house is one of the most ... Read More »